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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another Phantom Scooter Post

My new relays work! This is really nice. I ordered two relay sets, one for my air horn and another for the headlights from
Eastern Beaver a couple weeks ago and the kits arrived yesterday. These are some impressive kits as you can see from the links.

The horn relay installed perfectly and without a hitch and allowed the horn to spin up and blow much more quickly and much louder. I had a little trouble with the headlight relay kit installation but not due to Eastern Beaver's product. The trouble was that the lights worked when the scooter engine was idling but they went out whenever the engine was revved up. And I could hear the relays buzzing whenever the lights were on. I had the same problem a couple months ago when I tried to install a relay on my own but I was stumped again with this professionally built kit.

So, I emailed the owner of Eastern Beaver, James Davis last night. I explained my problem and even included an electronic copy of the Phantom's wiring diagram and asked for his help. And help he did! By breakfast this morning, Jim had read my email, looked at my wire drawing and responded with a simple modification that needed to be made to my wiring harness. It seems that scooters like mine use AC power, provided directly from the magneto and the typical relay installation performs just like mine.

Tonight I performed Jim's recommended modification and completed my headlight installation. Its really good! The lights now work without the engine running and they are fully bright with no flicker as they did before the relay installation.

I can tell you these are really good kits. I'm impressed. With the exception of the simple modification to the wiring harness, everything else was simple plug-and-play installation. I've already emailed Jim to say thanks for his help. Maybe he will update his webpage to include the wire harness mod required for these Chines scooters. If you are in the market for a significant improvement to your scoot, I really recommend the Eastern Beaver products.

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